3 am (fly away) – 16purpp текст песни

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i just wanna fly away
shawty say she wanna stay
i don’t ride the wave
take me to the grave

i wanna just fly away
shawty know i’m wide awake
i don’t wanna ride the wave
shawty wanna stay

i don’t f*cking beg from noone
like i don’t get why i get handed
the worst sh*t on f*cking earth bro
like i don’t get it bro
i don’t f*cking get it

and it’s like everytime something bad happens right
i’m like okay okay okay
it happened, it can’t get worse
but guess what, it just f*cking gets worse
every f*cking time


i don’t wanna stay
why they always hate on me
smiling to my face, but i can see they jealous

we wanna fly away
we wanna fly away

- 16purpp текст песни