sway in the morning freestyle – 2 chainz текст песни

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sway in the morning freestyle

my height man,
ok, i got you!
i got you, don’t worry
and i pay, i pay my height man!
just pay me attention!
so you wanna do it for me [?]
you’ve got make sure my [?]
i got you, i got you
guess who’s gonna play those [?]
all right, cool, all right!
my rhyme style real nonchalant
trust me, rude boy this ain’t what you want
he [?] have you doing summersaults
then i dump ya trash -ss off in the garbage
every week i get my car washed
this the life of a hustle, this is not a f-ssaud
and what you’re looking at is not a mirage
you probably seen me at the w having a minage
performing, smack a lil -ss recording
i’m doing 160 for my n-gg-s in porsches
they say i speeding cause i’m on that far left side
i’m from the south but i’m smoking on the west side
i’m in my best right,
i let my girl wash clothes on the g4
so i could let em jet dry.
and i’m the best i noticed
and u ain’t even noticed, until i roll up on in a lotus
brushing dust on my shoulders like f-ck it i’m focus
i’m f-cking with b-tches, that’s only f-cking with soldiers
listen! i got an old school the color of okra
the tires as wide as oprah watch it when it approaches
now listen, peace up! a town down you know i gotta my piece up
so i won’t play around
got the extra round!
plus it got a clip on
pollute ya block i put all that sh-t on! 2 chainz…

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