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Songtext von if they love their kidz – 2pac lyrics

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“if they love their kidz”

if my enemies love their kids
only if my enemies love their kids
if my enemies love their kids
if my enemies love their kids
only if my enemies love their kids

hey, why have drama
n-gg-, your baby mama stay right around the corner
i could touch her if i f-cking wanna
so why you want insist on this
i got your name at the top of f-cking dead b-tch list
meet mr machiavelli’s terror
back of the year, thug of the era
death row and outlawz, n-body does this sh-t better
my lyrics explode on contact
best prepare for combat
aint no stopping so bomb back
it’s the last days, n-gg-’s is dying for bullsh-t
mac 11 is heavy, yeah i’m ready to pull quick
n-gg-s aint ready for a brother thats living major
been waiting [?] m-th-f-cker thats spittin’ razors,
when i cut em they cut, when i stick ‘em they stuck
my ambitions to bust, cause i aint giving a f-ck
tore the neighbourhood up, look at all the sh-t that we did
murder’s a life long b-tch
if my enemies love they kids

you don’t wanna die
and i don’t wanna kill ya,
keep my name out ya mouth
‘fore a n-gg- have to drill ya
all my enemies buggin’ for all the sh-t that they did
don’t make me murder you n-gg-
if my enemy’s love their kids

body’s is wrapped in plastic
look at this, it’s drastic
takes a n-gg- with the right automatic to cause static
like a mosberg jumpin, and m-th-f-cker’s be jumpin’
play the role of a b-tch
like michael jackson, wanna be startin’ something
holla at my crew and they perish you through the cherish
got the [?)]in my sight
tonight i’m bussin’ off the terrace with multiple gun shots
n-gg-s be droppin’ rapidly, bussin’ clip to cops
and b-tches running after me tellin i’m high
when they ask why i’m trippin’ out
top of my drop, cause you know why, keep dippin’ on my block
they sell rocks on box with frail cops
and then we buss shots from glocks, f-ck cops
my only fear of death, can you hear me, it’s coming back
had enough of this bullsh-t world so none of that
i felt no remorse for all the sh-t that we did
n-gg-s die at any time if my enemy’s love their kids


you m-th-f-cking right
you n-gg-s better wise up
it’s a real m-th-f-cking war n-gg-
you wanna get with me
how the f-ck you gon get with me
if you got kids m-th-f-cker
if my enemies love they kids
i’ma let my lil homeboys ride on you busta m-th-f-ckers
cause y’all dont feel me

i don’t even wanna talk no more
losing your life, what for?
facing a young m-th-f-cker who puts it down for the dough
get killed in front of your kids
god forbid if it happens
that’s the sh-t i’m on now [?]
gotta survive by myself
but at the same time they rappin’
wont put my gun on the shelf,
it keeps me living like heaven
but when the sh-t jumps i’m ready
cause i already knew
you better get this m-th-f-cker before we come get you
deep in my heart i think this sh-ts bout to pop any moment
tryna do me like my parents but i’m a tougher opponent

this n-gg- scared
must investigate all i’m prepared
for all the drama, you said
for all them n-gg-s you feared
you f-cking busta, busta
let the evil or the money trap you and thats life at you
every second we coming at you
and you the last one
when l-rock is trying cast on ya
cuz a young rida who would die,
pump up and blast on the thug past you
blastin on enemies p-ssing
giggling when they should have been figuring who would be the last one, laughing while i switch your wig
i gotta ask ya’ll something
don’t you m-th-f-ckers got kids

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