run alone – 360 текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

jump on my cloud,
we can float to the sky,
we can go to my home if you like,
we can go to where n-body flies,
all it takes is to open your mind,
we be heading up crazy high,
so come if you ain’t afraid of heights,
come aboard n we’ll chase the sky,
but know you will literally change your mind,
it’s all good, we can take our time,
where we’re goin’ yo there ain’t no time,
i want you all to meet a mate of mine,
and if you see reality then wave good-bye,
you would never think to go here,
yo, you’re going to have a grin from both ears,
when you finally find this place you can hide away while we live with no fear,

ohh ohh ohh [x2]
ahh, i’m running away from my faith, i won’t run alone,
ahh, i don’t want you to love me but i’d love if you want to run,
ohh ohh ohh [x4]

here, take a little bit of this and,
wash it down with a little bit of drinking,
watch it now any second it will hit,
but don’t over do it in a minute it’ll kick in,
lookin’ down from a birds eye view,
see me running from a world like you,
yeh it might be your first time,
but with me you don’t need a return flight, true.
this is what the galaxys for,
we’ll come down when gravity calls,
i understand that there has to be more,
you ain’t seen this planet before,
all it take is to ride the right cloud,
you just gotta look inside to find out,
if you wanna have the time of your life then,
stop thinking the time is right now [echo]


do you want me,
we’re a thousand mile away from anyone,
do you want me,
if you want then run,
you want then run


- 360 текст песни