365 x oce – 365 fendi текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

intro: oce melaco
ha ha ha! (what the h*ll?)
365 fendi, x melaco
(yeah thats it, lets do it!)

verse 1: 365 fendi
i got a b*tch, but she dont love me
so imma go trick her and f*ck wit her friend
i get a bag and i make me an m
did it again and again and again
drippin in fendi im settin a trend
where you gon go when you dead? did you spend
im, pistol whippin on my opposition, i ain’t never tripping
this no competition, if you f*cking wit me then you f*ckin wit them
know you f*cking with a lil boss
fendi in, for the recognition
fentanyl, but i ain’t got addiction
keep it real, ion f*ck wit fiction, we all gon die, thats my prediction
(lemme) speed it up, speed it up, put her down, eat it up, i stick it in so you know imma beat it up
fendi you k!lled it! broski i know, i get a bag it got spent on a hoe
get a bag back and i make it drop low
she wanna f*ck me! he wanna jump me! but he won’t pull up so boy is so lucky
you comin’ at me you know im not runnin’, came from the gutter turn nothin’ to somethin’
you ain’t got bands, why you talkin? you bluffin
the boy on crack so the boy so wack, spend 10 racks and i make it back
hol’ up, i get a bag and i spazz on his ass, you ain’t running a gat why you talkin’ so bad?
you is just mad how im blowin’ so fast, i ain’t no p*ssy you cat in the hat
f*ck wit’ my hittas’ im burnin’ them bridges, now ima show you why they callin’ me bad
ima show you why they callin’ me bad, hey

verse 2: oce melaco
wait! another hater, ill just ignore and ill see you later (bye!)
i’ll cut you off with no disclaimer, i ate her like a meal and i don’t even cater
i’ll serve you up good like a patient waiter, hillbilly ass boy, tow mater
laugh at your sh*t like im heath ledger and ill trick you like a f*ckin’ cl!ck baiter (cl!ck!)
call me chun*li how im kickin’ ass, when i write a verse its a galdamez curse
never pray for the best, always for the worst, when i said i meant it b*tch it never hurt
and in my future i want a moshpit, type to break your back and nose sh*t
boof stank like arm pit, cos i swear to god you gon get high quick
she flat! like tortilla! i dont ever wanna see her
cos i swear when i see her, imma run and never come near her (woah!)
so some may say that i most likely bodied this, (bodied!)
she a h*rny fiend like a rhinoceros
give her my strap could you c*ck it please
my clothes all foreign and they all j*panese, went from bape, to supreme, to alpha industries
these shoes are new please b*tch, don’t step on them please
cos i swear the police, gon be looking for me!

- 365 fendi текст песни