2 forks – 38 spesh текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: 38 spesh & samples]
nine*five, motherf*ckers
get live, motherf*ckers
huh, yeah, trust gang
nine*five, motherf*ckers
interstate 38 on the way n*gga
get live, motherf*ckers
that sh*t’ll be here real soon
ayo, ayo (green lantern)

[verse 1]
i cook up everything, but i don’t do pork
four pots on the stove, so i hold two forks
got a flow that remind you of the old new york
changed the game, we ‘bout to make a whole new sport
and i know you talk, you done told so much
that you don’t evеn get checked whеn you go through courts
and your small chains show you got no support
you wan’ hang, lil n*gga, but your rope too short
huh, trips ot, had to book a few rentals
ain’t pack no clothes, but i took a few pistols
fiends take a hit and start looking through windows
use the coat hanger as a cookin’ utensil
huh, please pardon my jewels
i wonder if my b*tch father know that his daughter a mule?
but if she can’t get drug through the mud, she harder to use
hoes ain’t sh*t but gardening tools
y’all is confused, all i do is just count
organizations, articles and accounts
f*ck the streets, i’m having barbecues at the house
ten bricks got moved, i hardly moved off the couch, huh
real sh*t, i’m away from the block scene
y’all not kings, and y’all mercedes is not clean
i took my lady to buy rings
we got a love and hate thing like radio raheem
nahmsayin? 1995, n*gga
you know? i’m rappin’ over all that classic sh*t that i grew up to, nahmsayin?
interstate 38 on the way
believe that, that sh*t be here real soon, n*gga
right now i’m giving y’all straight bars, n*gga
trust! ‘95 sh*t
huh, huh, huh

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