whodi – 504 boyz текст песни

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[master p:]
our mission is to get money, power, and b-tches, ya heard me?
ha ha (hootie hoo)

[chorus (2x):]
where you at whodi? (im ova here whodi)
im in dat 5, dat 0, to da 4, ya heard

we drive excursions with tv’s
bubble eye humvees
a mouth full of gold teeth
and i represent that cp3
where my n-gg-z on the block boy
open up shop boy
and they’ll kill ya for them rocks boy
gimme some money, dollars
and imma give you 400 back
give it to me in powder and imma change it into crack
im tryna change my life but im tired of bein broke
thats why i post up with my n-gg-z and we hustle by the store

[chorus (2x)]

(where you at whodi?)
im ova here sh-ggy
smokin my do-do in the mo-mo in the black navi
b-tches will love to have me, because im livin lavish
ill take some p-ssy but head is what really makes me happy
im downtown in the 9th ward, saint claude
friday night when the boulevard is full of beacoup broads
im on the scene full of henny
new orleans love me so i aint gotta spend a f-ckin penny
i let em know that im a 504 boy from across the c-n-l…

…and im from the 12th, i run by myself
and if you cant tell, im bad for your health
b-tch im the man, keep up if you can
yall n-gg-z cant stand it
when i come with them uptown n-gg-z
from the 504 with a gun in both hands
im the tracks, im the wheel on the tanks
i live on the bill in the banks
i come in and do my thang
where the m-th-f-cka that think im playin?

[chorus (2x)]

[mr. marcello:]
life in the bricks, believe me n-gg-z we live it
if they aint made it yet then b-tch they gotta build it
money to the ceiling, i used to sell rocks on blocks
f-ckin round wit master p, n-gg- got ny socks
wodie im hot, enough cash to buy yall blocks
trucks…hold, i got nypd locked
im a killa n-gg-, raw dog guerrilla n-gg-
try to download the spot cuz willow was hot n-gg-

when i come through i come through wild
come through foul, come through loud
run through the crowd, run 2000
come through this kickin like its kung-fu style
>from the front to the rear whodi, its no limit year whodi
(yo silkk where you at?)
im in this no limit gear whodi

[chorus (2x)]

where you at?
im over here, in the project on the block
im c-murder, im bout dat drama n-gg-
f-ck you and your mamma
incarcerate me if you could
but you gotta find me in the hood
im foreva gettin blunted
n-gg-, no limit n-gg-z keep comin
never runnin from them b-tches
dumpin fools up in ditches
and snitches, i give em m-th-f-ckin st-tches
dat 504, tha calliope, we rattle street and rust ya blade
duck n-gg-, watch yo head, it could be ya early grave
check your rearview, lock them doors
beat your hoes and c-ck ya sh-t
count your money by the bit
and get tru n-gg-z in your click
n-o, l-i, m-i to the t
is just a bunch of crazy m-th-f-ckas just like me

[chorus (4x)]

[wild wayne talking until fade]

- 504 boyz текст песни