wavy – a-train текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

and we don’t rest
a 38 finna leave you drenched
the pearly gates and you meet yo death
i make green like a chia pet
you rate me as the seasoned best
i slay beats then i leave a mess
a straight priest and my speech is blessed
i make cheese and the cream but i keep it fresh
i’m 8 feet when i ink this pen
i came mean from the deep neglect
a great scheme from the sea i bled
i stay mean you should keep a vest
so pay me all the fees or i’ll reap you next
praise gs in the streets if police confess
a tamed beast that unleash with the evil text
i hate these emcees that dont speak correct
and plainly, i’m in the sky like where jesus went
and plainly you are high like alia’s jet
i’m raising up the price and i need my check
create peace with the nine when it heat your chest
a blade swing in the night a meat eating chef
i take pieces and bites and i eat your flesh
i- ‘m shady cus i’m brown and i’ll squeeze your neck
so maybe i’ll say bye when i cease your breath

- a train текст песни