3000 like bernie mac – a$ap ant & lordfubu текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: a$ap ant]
fubu got that flame
started it
this is a dj nick exclusive (uh)

[verse 1: a$ap ant]
dead president, no casket, gone off the acid
3000 like i’m bernie mac, the way that i back it
your b-tches, they be catfish, before i buy, i test it
audi, supercharged it, molly paid like percocet
backseat in the maybach, you can catch me where the curtains at
smokin’ on that runtz, you smokin’ huff, no, we ain’t rollin’ that
no limit like i’m master p, i’m screamin’, “where my soldiers at?”
let me in the industry, i’m tryna f-ck on doja cat (this is a dj nick exclusive)

[verse 2: lil 2dow]
bust a pack, then move a pack (move a pack)
somewhere where the shootings at (shootings at, where the shootings at)
me and addie smokin’ thrax (me and addie smokin’ thrax)
we was in the cadillac (cash out)

[verse 3: a$ap ant]
she darkskin, call her kit-kat, my car fast, tell her sit back
lost my money in the dice game, hold up, had to get it back
situation, it got sticky, so we had to rinse that (vroom)
marino with the moncler with the gucci, did it mismatch (yeah)

[verse 4: lil 2dow]
i stepped up in the party, so it’s gas up in the kickback
these b-tches on my d-ck, they keep on askin’ where the bands at
i stash the work in bags, i got ’em thinkin’ that it’s big macs
and i’m not santa claus, but the last load, it came gift-wrapped
the work touched down, but we already flipped that
if you wanna join the gang, then you gotta sign a contract
you be beefin’ on the internet, we players, we just sit back
i put that b-tch on a payment, so she can bring that money back

- aap ant lordfubu текст песни