22 freestyle – abeiku samuel текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

god*like flow
my pen with the glow and i’m bringing heat, godzilla
good boy thing
but my shirt full of dope when i’m riding with my n*ggas
i’m so clean, but i’m lost in the smoke when i’m puffing on this cigar
my man 2chainz, he a real one
don’t make him pull that trigger
they wanna catch me, try me
man a go high speed, hold my liquor
they wanna spook me, spike lee
man a got game like ray, i’m sega
man a speak pidgin too hw3 wontse ase3 aa
we dey search this sika
they wanna pop pills but i got deals with doctors ‘cause i’m sicker
drill from ghana, hot like sauna
man a make moves like ziggy
gyal with a big thing
i’m evicting everything ‘cause she wan get jiggy
i like my asaana without milk
just some ice and a couple of real ones
my squad tip top
my squad top notch
my squad one in a million
nice cars, drop top
more life, more sauce
my squad real, see your squad nil
see your squad knock off
we can’t fall off
lifa wassup?
my squad doing the most
i pray for keys to more doors
this wave thing so deadly, we got jackets on the boat
this thing got so many petty n*ggas on the ropes
this thing drip so heavy, we go ivs on the floor
we came in so ready, if they push us, we gon’ float

them man wanna throw tantrums here
but i knock ‘em out like tyson
they wanna reach for the stratosphere
but i’m pass that, all of them my sons
i know things been rough this year
but we still go out like diamonds
i know things been tough, sincere
man, give that twenty a minus
i just got paid and i’m out of the crib
and i’m having a ball with the squad, yeah
we making plays and we having a chat ‘bout the future
how we can survive, yeah
i made some heavy decisions
i cut out some n*ggas, i think that was last year
love to the people we lost
i’m praying for peace to my n*ggas who not here
beast mode!
i just pulled with the heat, waoh!
i feel like jimmy butler, i’m about to go gorillas, hand me the c*4
i’m raining h*ll on the court
i got blood on my sneakers, they still wanna see more
i got them asking forgiveness
i swear they’re in trouble
i shoot, then i reload, ugh
i got winners on my side
i got business on my mind
i got k!llers on my line
we just k!ll sh*t then we slide
i got god and i’m proud of it
they feeling scared and i’m part of it
you cannot mess with the force in my system
you binary, don’t call for trouble can’t handle it

- abeiku samuel текст песни