2020 won – abstract текст песни

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hardly been feelin’ myself from under pressure
there’s some logic to my circumstance, so here’s the lecture
wipe my tears with hundred dollar bills, i guess it fills the void
that i choose not to trade in for the pills that others might employ
see, i made a habit of believin’ magic’s part of love
but when it ends so tragic time and time again, you lose the buzz
ice been creepin’ in my blood, sometimes feel i missed the bus
headed for the things i really needed, i chose what i want
liquid swords in cursive, know the flow is deadly to these kids
never kissed n0body’s ass, know i coulda blown up quick
workin’ with some youtubers who i ain’t really f*ckin’ with
hard to truly be an artist nowadays and coexist
lot of personalities actin’ like they nice with it
best you stick to commentary, adversaries write like this
haven’t heard about me? you should tune in on the monday night
that’s my song playin’ as the players kick off on the lights
underrated? underhyped? f*ckin’ story of my life
hundred fifty million streams, i’ve been livin’ off a mic
so when you say “i hope you make it,” i know you ain’t heard me right
i live off my passion, that’s the dream to me, go take a hike
yet to hit the level that you’re speakin’ of, i understand
but i live a life that i created, i’m the f*ckin’ man
already doin’ all the things they said i’d never do
so best you take my plans serious ’cause i’ve been known to prove
everybody wrong, every song, every move i make
bettin’ on myself the only good bet that i ever made
tunneled through the underground and came up ’cause i never caved
a lotta kids have taken roads they’ll never say they know i paved
it’s okay, know the job of leaders is to lead the way
but i’m out for everybody, 2021 ain’t safe
best you get familiar ‘fore they televise it to your face
feel like 2020 won, revenge is now what’s on my plate
i said i feel like 2020 won, revenge is now what’s on my plate
i said i feel like 2020 won, revenge is now what’s on my plate

- abstract текст песни