16 balloons – acid carousel текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

who’s that man up in the trees?
the glimmer in his eyes says “won’t you follow me?”
how wise he must be
but he scolds me gingerly
i can’t prescribe serenity
and then he looks into my eyes…

16 balloons, dancing in twos
tell me the story, but never share the news
it just makes me blue
could you tell me what to do?
but i know it isn’t true
because we’re not supposed to know…
go…. let’s grow

he’s the man that takеs my hand
tell me the mеaning, but never share the plan
it’s all been contraband
is it to beautiful to stand?
love throughout the land
how do i stick it to the man?

walked all day
can’t wait to see
over the bridge into the forest we sing
a melancholy hymn
but i don’t know what it is
could you get a load of this?
and then it takes me by surprise…
why try?
let’s ride
what’s the point of going mad?
the world is sh*t, but life ain’t bad
let’s all pretend we’re sad

- acid carousel текст песни