0 to 100 remix – adamite текст песни

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ugh zero to 100, went to the casino bet the sh-t walked out with nothing
i met up with renau he bought me a burrito a speedo just in case i needed to pack my beef in something
yea, now i’m prepared for war, at the store with foodstamps like my pockets heavy enough to stomp holes through their floors
and then i make it rain but when i say green i mean relish and lettuce hitting the front of your window pain
cuz i’ve been broke as f-ck for to long, and i made your girls -ss split from you like that b-tch been wearing two thongs
and had been listening to 2 songs by 2 chains, thats why that b-tch got on her knees and ended up giving up two brains
hahaha yea and then i f-cked her twice, she called me baby after she got my vanilla ice, and then i called her a one hit wonder, then she hammered this mc into a deep slumber, but when it comes to love i mean i love to frol!ck
when i said id stick my d-ck in the game i mean snow the product, and that is not a diss its just a compliment
lets meet get something to eat, h-ll ill bring the condoments, and add snow to my everlasting list of accomplishments
and turn my incompetence into a serious case of overconfidence, which will be the beginning of all my domanace
and make up for all of my empty promises i promise it

- adamite текст песни