3rd eye open – aedan outlaw текст песни

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3rd eye open, mary jane has spoken, mind in motion, got the natural leaf smokin’ x2

smoke on sativa, hybrids and loud reefer, blow out your speakers, scuff up your adiddas, of weed i’m an avid believer, where mary at let’s go and meet her. break it down, roll it up, parked sitting in the cut, now we smoking indica, dab wicked on silica, watching movies cinema, get into what you finna bra. i don’t know, moving slow, off the hydro. feeling so faded, stuck i’m outdated, thinking creative, ducking the hatred, i just rotated, mind is updated, not one to be caged in. stay independent, we’re all defendants, paying for all our descendants, children dependents, dennis the menace, i own this sh-t you’re just a tenant, i’m federer you’re ball like tennis. wimbledon, you’re a simpleton, come and get you some, i am riddlin, come and have some fun, got munchies honeybuns, smoked about a half a hundred tons

3rd eye open, mary jane has spoken, mind in motion, got the natural leaf smokin’ x2

mary is the key, come and see, you can smell the tree, rising from me, kicking bruce lee, don’t roll it loosely, or i’ll have to boof the. call it slaps, n-ggas taking naps, after bong packs, spitting on tracks, while i’m off wax. talking that rosin, pure grade got me wobbling, hit you the legs hobbling, high thoughts start mobbing. store, bored, food more, oh lord, weed more, slumped floor, open door, news war, wavy sh0r-. high as f-ck and i’m off the gas, puff then p-ss, weed and mind clash, saw my life flash, dreams of making cash, mix a little hash, and a little dash, i’m never smoking trash

- aedan outlaw текст песни