wayne’s world theme – aerosmith текст песни

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wayne’s world theme

“let’s do it”
“all right, here we go”
“one, two, a-one two three”

it’s wayne’s world, it’s wayne’s world
it’s party time, it’s excellent
it’s wayne’s world, it’s waynes world
it’s party time, it’s excellent

chicks go mental when we go down the street
it’s wayne and garh when they want to meet
yeah, we’re in the bas-m-nt playin’ with our toys
and if you do not like it, you’re a spinchter boy


“goodnight party on aurora rocks, aurora rocks”
“thank you, good night, god bless you
and don’t forget to wear a rubber”
“aurora rocks, aurora rocks, goodnight, pary on”

- aerosmith текст песни