red school bus – afourteen текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

ya ride around town wit an asian chiwuahau”

watch me pull*up in a car with no keys lil b*tch
kid i got ramen noodles you ain’t eatin sh*t
you is a common poodle why you creepin b*tch
why you creepin?
your parents are gone for the weekend
i got on open house everybody be showin out
till i come through the party with ar*15’s then i air it out
why you mopin now
why you down on the ground why you chocking now

everybody underestimates me
n0body even wants to just rate me
i swear somebody should come along and maybe just rape me
and if i turned g*y
everybody out there would get outta my way
they would call me weird
they woukd call me a queer
knock yo lip up b*tch i do not wanna hear
you a hic up b*tch why you look in the mirror
and when you pick that kid bully on em all year
and when you fl!ck that bic make it go in his ear

makin him feel stuff that he dont wanna feel
makin him fear stuff that he dont wanna fear
i know that the sh*t tuff it happens every year to me
hit they ass with a bat make it clear for me
wanna see headless corpses
at the malls
wanna see bathroom stalls blood the walls
i havent had water in maybe like 3 days
after you kidnap me sell me on ebay
4 outta 3 days feel like its d*day
i gotta challenge for you
tell me one time that you walked into school and you did everything they instruct you to do

and these f*ggots aint do it to me or for you
they instruct everything that we do how we move
if you see a cop*er shoot him till he dont move
now im busin copper to the sounds through your roof
everybody tell me i look like dylan roof
now i terrify the speakers into your room
skeleton zombie im up inna tomb
riding my set yea my set and go boom

and imma find the biggest m*th* f*cka that be walk*in around in the place
and imma run over the tables and ask him if he can punch me in the face
he can throw me through a wall
he can knock a couple t**th loose
punch my ass right in the jaw

f*ck that fight that
everybody gather up so we can fight back
run through the hallway
assemble everybody that being called names
grab some stock attachments blow through the main gate
no we aint playn games everyone get slain attacking the mainframe

doin everything that everyone did to us reverse
im on the speaker blow out your speaker
makin your knees hurt
brining the mob out
i got the glock out
watch how we rock out
f*ck what you talk bout

i jump in the shower i turn the nozzle to the left now theres third degree burns on my chest

i gotta vest now
shootin my legs out
takin your arteries now i digest out
lookin around the school busses are red now

walk*in around the school busses are red now
gat in the backpack and everybody fled now
hi my names patrick im high off some acid
im landing some shots go inside of the classes
better run faster you slow like molasses
ill give you some time while im wipin some blood on my glasses

make sure my bullies end up inna casket
im gripping the muzzle i make sure it to flashes
rundown on the teacher make sure that she flash tits
no im not passive im wearing no jacket
and after im done the school burnin to ashes

whats a matter
funny now
why arent you laughing at me call me funny now
oh you scared of me because i am cappin now

ridin around inna red school bus
waitin around till the feds shoot us
blood splatter look like red fruit punch
riding around inna red school bus
riding around inna red

“yes but i can’t because the psychiatrist is um testing me for any drugs that are in my system um while im there so i can not to the smoking of the marijuana till after wednesday and then wednesday im going to blaze the f*ck out of my brain”

*school bus noise*
*uzi noise* spider gang
*children screaming noise*

- afourteen текст песни