out of season – almighty текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

season’s changing like my mind
in the room of my wants killing time
you called me up to put me down
fill my head and i hope i drown

covering the bruises
with too much gloss
paying the price
when i can’t stand the cost

i’m out of season
feeling out of place
out of season
i’m out of faith

lying back scratching the sky
wasted but i can’t get high
right here, right now won’t let me be
right here, right now means sh-t to me

got no reservations
living hand to mouth
when feeding on frustration
means eating your heart out


driving the needle of my mind
into the heart of it all

throwing light on a dark horse
fire walking through blazing thoughts
i’m kicking tomorrow into today
tainted adrenalin drifts away


- almighty текст песни