1963 – ammo текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

yeah ma shawty told me that she gon ride for me
put it down for her classic like it’s 1963
we was balling,chilling, riding sining like it’s blasphemy
and she told she committed and she would rather die for me

shawty gon wine in slow motion
make her f*cking wet yeah she need a caution
she be waving too hard like the ocean
i was way cursed i got the potion
gucci slides on me
lui bag on her
yeah we balling man i’m falling
all eyes on us
way she looking she from colorado
shawty freaking hot like there is no tomorrow
ey ey
she told me she leaning she want all my love
got you for life i got no one above
you gon get every single thing i have
give you my heart hope you won’t split in halves

yeah she my baby
girl i’m sorry if i’ve been tripping lately
yeah uh ay ay
yeah she my baby
she got the whole me f*cking greatly
having me over we party all day
we don’t mind what the f*ck people say
beside you girl is where i wanna lay
everyone tryna mess with you they gon pay

- ammo текст песни