2020 – amy bui текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

i see you pain. spread love not hate

[verse 1]
it’s 2020 and “i can’t breathe”
why is that so hard to believe?
got no justice no peace cuz “all lives matter”?
coronavirus raging. out of ventilators
all up in arms cuz you can’t get a haircut
but not even blink when black man’s life cut?

by police
you hold your peace
cuz what i see
not new to me
we all should have

[verse 2]
it’s 2020 so hard to breathe
the world is breaking all around me
my heart is heavy don’t know what to do
it’s becoming a war between red and blue
the solution is messy not everyone agrees
are we doomed to repeat history?
can’t you see
in how we treat

[verse 3]
it’s 2020 just let them breathe
how i can help? it’s bigger than me
there’s people crying full of desperation
scared they’ll die. can’t buy medication
“but they’re shouting and kneeling! that’s just crazy
i earned my success. and they’re just lazy”?

i was told
to love thy neighbor
must be more
than thoughts and prayers

it’s 2020 and i hope to see
the world embrace everybody

- amy bui текст песни