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baby girl, i truly adore you
before we go further
i just thought i should tell you

i’ve never been known
to be totally faithful
but to be brutally honest
i don’t know if i may [?]

it’s best that i give you the real
and you can decide how you feel
break it down
a woman deserves to know the truth, babe

i get around
i get around

you’re such a sweet thing
i wouldn’t wanna hurt you
if i could change my ways
i would change ’em for you

i can’t make no promises
except that i try
to make sure that my actions
reflect what i feel inside

i thought this would just be a phase
that things would get better with they
and they have
not in the way that you need them to

i get around
i get around
i get around, oh
i get around, yeah, babe, oh yeah

baby, i kind to like you girl
really have a love my eye
baby, get to know you soon
as i seen you walking by

why i gotta tell you this
‘fore we go any further
[?] dealing with
dealing with the [?]

baby girl, you know i get around
shawty, you know i get around

i get around
i get around

- anthony david текст песни