2020 – anthony текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...


people say i’m the greatest, before two years
2020 felt like it was here
the brightness is clear
running faster like a dear
i made music and started a career
but that’s not my fear

verse 1:

look thanksgiving sauce it’s like gravy
if you want a feature get your money and pay me
finding answers up and down
we moving to fast we need to slow down
its december about to snow
got this rhythm like its a flow
rasengan like naruto
call me kakashi end you in one blow

vеrse 2:

it’s getting cold in decеmber
got money problems
i was capable of being a rapper i had symptoms
i’m the chosen child
i feel like simba
covid 19 in 2020 thats a big disease
eating too much ice cream
might get a brain freeze
get kicked out of karte
trees are the only thing i see
got stung by a bumble bee

- anthony текст песни