3 koopa kingz – antoje – 3 koopa kingz текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

slim thugga

drank by the pint
dro by the pound
headed to the club and tha boss top down
slim thug bout to grind, represent h*town
if you love me you gon smile
if you hate me you gon frown
on a hunt and up, guess what i just found
come in vip with me, we post up
we blowin purple stuff
we pouring purple stuff
we glowing from wrist up
you can tell that we great people

when i hit the club all the girls show me love
buying out the bar got drank by the jug
in the v.i.p. with the chicks and the drugs
this is t*i*p, bun b, and slim thug

- antoje 3 koopa kingz текст песни