12 hours – apollo brown & che noir текст песни

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[verse 1]
calling my girls, i’m trynna get cute
let’s go and paint the town
let’s meet up at my place around 12, still gotta take a shower
it’s gon’ take a hour to do my hair
and to do my make*up
buy my final outfit to wear
by the time i hang up, cl!ck, oh sh*t
we need a bottle we could sip of course
i text her like “on your way here swing by the liquor store”
i need a [?], three ciroc shooters, know what, get us four
just ring the doorbell soon as you hit the porch
i text my man i’m going out
message open, counting dots, i seen three, he reply
grandma really wish that i could, but i gotta work late
but take some extra cash out the safe [?]
okay, i’m texting back “i hope to see you later”
sh*t, now i’m in the shower singing ballads of anita baker
hour later, dress lookin’ fine as a b*tch
knock at the door, my girl lisa like “it’s time to get lit”

[verse 2]
models in jeans
we smoke bottles and drinks
couple n*ggas from the town trynna holla’ at me
but i’m taken, but i still made ’em buy me a drink
lisa tapped me like “i gotta go pee”
“watch my purse for a minute”
i sip my drink by the bar as i waited
purse in my lap, felt the phone vibratin’
pulled it out, but my intentions was on turning it off
but that’s until i seen the number that call
this my n*gga number lit up on her phone (what?)
i mean i gave him her number
but that’s only if i ain’t picking up my phone
i check my phone but i don’t see no missed calls
i was shocked in the face
tryna figure out why he callin’ so late
i read the texts “keep this a secret, do not say a word”
“come by tomorrow, but we gotta do it while she at work”
oh sh*t she walking back, i threw her phone in the purse
if they creepin’, there somebody gon’ be bleedin’
with no soul in the he*rs*
[verse 3]
we left the club, she dropped me off at like 3 in the morn’
walkin’ in circles, still shocked, i can’t believe what i saw
called into work, like i’ma need the day off
soon as i hung up i raced right to my room to grab this gun out the safe
i got an angel on my shoulder sayin’ “che you ain’t no k!ller”
but the other shoulder tellin’ me to take out that n*gga
matter of fact, just k!ll ’em both
to calm my nerves i took some shots of the henny
looked in the mirror, seen the monster that’s in me
f*ck it
the sun is up, i’m in a car speedin’
to lisa house, i took a left then took a right
to catch this [?] scheming
crept on the side then i kicked in her house
waivin’ the gun, i seen both of them sittin’ on the couch
“i read the texts that you sent the n*gga, thought you was sl!ck”
“lisa, i called you my friend, f*ck that, i called you my sis”
he waved his hand “babe it’s not what you think”
“i asked lisa to come with me just so she can help me buy you a ring”
“i found the ring and i was trying to get your best friend advice”
“baby, i’m tryna spend the rest of my life with you”
i must have been squeezing too tight
i heard a shot, body dropped to the ground and he bleed
lisa panicked, ran about it and scream
i dropped to my knees like i ain’t mean to k!ll him
now i’m searching this body for evidence
to confirm if he was sleeping with her
d*mn i don’t think he was lyin’
to my surprise, i found the ring in his pocket
oh, gotta get the f*ck outta here

- apollo brown che noir текст песни