365 – apollo brown текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

rhymes 365 days annual plus some
load up the mic and bust one

[verse 1: ro spit]
you couldn’t hang with that burberry new song
kick in the door with the same boots ‘pac had in juice on
step like the new [❓❓][ a cute dog ❓❓] a rudeboy
they said they need some fire , turn the loop on , the coupe gone
redline status , headline tatted here’s my habit their lines average
flying over n*ggas like airline baggage terrace in the morning

[verse 2: name tag alexander]
just know that you gon’ acknowledge the rhymes
i’m here shinning i’ve arrived more polished this time
my chakras , vibing high i’m in tune with the stars
a capricorn tied to my astrology sign
uh , i just supply the bars like an after hours
pregame king james when i’m clapping the powder
like wayne’s second album it’s light out
i’m sn*tching your power , i backup what i brag about
when i rap about it , it is nothing average about ’em now
thou shall not test dow , my stock is up in the game
wordplay [club a lane ❓❓]

- apollo brown текст песни