19 – arrow santi текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

at the party she was dancing
hands on her body
wake up every single day
to smoke with somebody
then hop on the phone and make a little money
then hang up cuz n*ggas acting funny
talkin business, only 19
a kid nose still runny
with a swag that’s still bummy
and my sneakers still gummy
smoking what i rolled
so pass another bowl
pack it high, imma smoke it all
my crew smells like weed when we hit the mall
and two things standing tall
that’s my money and my girl
mixing two strains, call it double swirl
hit it once to whirl
hit it twice to see the world

19, own my own label
19, when i’m at the meeting
bad receptionist bring my seat to the table
whеn i hit moe’s buy some chips and queso
talking bout your 9*5
i could makе that with 9*5 songs
talking bout your money
i spent double that on bongs
as i write these raps, trynna right all my wrongs
(on and on and on)
from li to cali
trynna boost salary
burning up the weed like i’m burning up them calories
she said she a fan of me
chilling countin money while a latin b*tch fanning me
stop tweeting me
ya’ll not even close to beating me
i’m an open book and they can’t stop reading me
lifted is the company
i’m just an owner
peace is the motive
i’m just the stoner

i just want my weed rolled
i just want my bowl packed
i just want my soul back
cuz i sold it to the dealer for 3 grams of reggie

the hits were heavy
the high was steady
i wasn’t ready
trynna play but they won’t let me
got me on the bench
like my tanks on empty*t
i go for brunettes
lynyk likes the asians
tay likes the blondes
pat likes any bad b*tch who hits the bong
got a hippie girl doing yoga poses
bought her roses
now i gotta get back to work
i’m really starting to lose focus
hocus pocus
you n*ggas bogus

- arrow santi текст песни