23 degrees – ashton (uk) текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

ellie timlin


wait a minute
so i can drag you down
here’s your one chance
to make a sound

will you fight or appease
feel weak or believe
that you have to go through this now

feeling 23 degrees
and your on your knee
oh the heat is k!lling us now


settle yourself down there
sat in the back going mad
on a trip, get attached
let me show you how to relax

enter into the depth of your brain, tapping away
into what is already engrained anyways
you just never know it
cuz even when you think you know it
somehow it’s forever growing
but the feelings never showing
and the flow is never going
floodgates are open and they’re never closing now your minds awoken

stumble into slumber
dreamworld overcomes you
under rain and thunder comes the rumble
entering the jungle understand your hunger
utilise the bunker, placed upon your shoulder
shut the windows to your mind and roll on over

succumbing to the sound*waves
feel the energy of the music in your headsp*ce
watch a particle of sound erupt in every way
individual rays of sound erase the clouded thoughts up in your brain

ellie timlin

wait a second
cuz i can see your crown
yeah you still think that
we’re not worth a pound
feeling 23 degrees


23 degrees a bit of a breeze
wasn’t only sat in a circle, we‘re sat in a dream
yeah we look up at the trees breathe
roots seem easy to conceive
it’s rooted in your dna you best believe

- ashton uk текст песни