brexit – assorted biscuits текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: colin and xander]

yeah, what
david cameron
yeah, what
jason statham

[verse 1: colin]
yo hear me
i’m leaving
taking all my cr-p to the exit
you don’t need me
like sweden
miss me like the eu in brexit
tell me you won’t miss me
but i know your whole scam
i feel bad and i come home
to see you with a stranger in the am
i can spend my money elsewhere
with expensive black ray-bans
who going to take you out to dinner
and get your cr-ppy b-tt spray tans (not me)
i ain’t the one who hurt you
you did it to yourself
tell me i ain’t trying to keep you honey all to myself
but just like steve harvey jacked up the miss america pageant
i’ma rip the crown off your head
and flip you the bird when i’m laughing

[hook: xander and colin]
brexit x 6
i’m leaving you
brexit x 6
i’m leaving you

[verse 2: xander]
i never really liked you
i still don’t
you apologized but i won’t
believe you i’d rather be leaving you
you cheated boo
so i’ma need you to
get out my fricking face
wait this my crib
get out my fricking place
you are in my past now
i’ma move on
i hope you step on a lego with no shoes on
looking through your boxes oh wait whats that?
you left your pink sweater and you won’t get it back
don’t care for your feels i’ma just text it
don’t like you anymore i’ma just exit

[hook] x 2

- assorted biscuits текст песни