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Songtext von demonology and heartache – atreyu lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

“demonology and heartache”

so unaffectionate, so insecure
you claim to know a thing or two about heartache
and what it’s like to have your insides torn out
and i believe you
i see it every time your pallbearer’s palor is obscured by the darkness
dancing across your face, and when the blackness veils your eyes in pain
i know what it’s like when memories make you wince
and love letters read like obituaries
and photo alb-ms are the books of the dead
i need no reminders, no more reminders
i’ll forget the past and lay it to rest

if i had my way
i’d cut the calluses off your breaking heart
if i could get past the sternum
cauterize those wounds with
every kiss i could give to you
i’m holding your heart in my hand
the reason it still beats

am i being too cryptic?
am i being too obscure?
love kills, romance is dead
and i don’t even trust myself
but i love you
and you can pull my wings apart
and pin me down under gl-ss
until the end of days if it can help you
discover that we share the same pain
i just hope you write your thesis
before your subject is dead
no life after death

- atreyu текст песни