leonard cohen’s day job – austin lounge lizards текст песни

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you drive your car in, pull it up on the rack
you promise me faithlessly that you’ll be back
i wait in the pit, it’s the fate i have earned
for believing some day you’ll return
to the streets of new york from my tower of song
i come down to work where the common folk throng
in my famous blue shirt with its patch that says len
then i go back to write songs again

leonard cohen is working a day job they say
for bizarre inspiration and hourly pay
and i swear by the grease in the crease of my hand
if you need speedy lubin’, i’ll prove
i’m your man
i’ll beg if i must, ’cause i’m aching to hear
your story, as i check your brakes front and rear
can you play a sad waltz on your cheap violin
did you have a good time in berlin

if saint joan should pull in, in her charger of white
and ask if it all could be finished tonight
i’d say, “let me take a look under your hood
all that smoke doesn’t look very good”
i’m on fire

leonard cohen is working a day job they say
it’s part of the price every artist must pay
and i swear by the crud and the blood on my hands
if you need a tune this afternoon
i’m your man

and i swear by the monkey wrench clenched in my hand
if you lack something basic in black
i’m your man

- austin lounge lizards текст песни