still the same (remix) – autumn! текст песни

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[intro: lil tecca]

[verse: lil tecca]
she hitting my line and she tell me she love me
in the back of my head, i know she could do better
her new n-gga vibe is not hitting the same
but i really know it’s because i get her wetter
i don’t wanna send you a message
i give you this audio, babygirl this is a letter
you don’t wanna act like my b, so you can be an x
gave you chances but you picked the letter
i know that she gon’ feel the vibe
feel it off the emoji and off of the message i send her
i know i’m an angel, angelic
you don’t wonder why these b-tches want to marry me?
no sir, i can’t let these boys get the best of me
pull on your block and we pop ’em like ecstasy-

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