2021 – ayokob текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...


this years gon be different!

this year i’m gonna have fun

leave 2020 behind

come in 2021

i’m gonna live with the living

the life of nothing is done

this here’s a promise i promise

its not a resolution

so if you know that you’re moving

go place them hands in the air

go and do what’s in front of you

theres no reason for you to be scared
leave the past where it is

don’t let it make you impaired

and give the devil the cold shoulder thе gucci la flare! (burr)


oh*kay ain’t no way, i’ma lay down, go plank//

i’ma stay down no faith, gotta risе from the bass//

ima leave you can ride to the grave//

getting kind of tired of the same ol’ same//

same ol commentary, same ol’ lames//

same ol negative lips trynna’ sink my ship //

when they barely even know my name//

i dun’ had it, i don’t even care no mo//

really i don’t care no mo//
don’t care about the status that is grafted by the masses with the habit of lifting people they really don’t know//

ima tell you how it’s really gon’ go//

what you gon’ do//

when it’s game time, how you gonna move//

minute by minute will you finish and pull it through//

cuz time is a menace with a limit you better choose//

(repeat chorus)

(2nd verse)

everything you doubt about your self it is a lie//

colonel started popeyes when he was 65//

at that age most of many people plan to die//

many living die between 27 and 35//

and why wait on the day when you’re name fades away//
when today you can start with the change//

every journey or distance of great, when displayed all began with a step nothing more nothing cray//

so regardless of anything you do it’s a promise//

some are gonna treat you like garbage//

you might be a novice//

in what you wanna use and accomplish//

to make a living for you and you’re family//

and just to be honest//

if you don’t move, then you don’t lose//

then again you will never win//

then you’ll settle in//

like a sediment//

with repetitive pettiness//

no legitimate in*tention to get a head of it//

and then hating on everyone and everything under the sun//

and even sons, and even the bums//

and even the ones//

who legitimately wanna become//

and overcome the lazy habits you so often succumb to//

so get it dawg//

you better get involved//

cuz it is not too late//

for you to go enthrall//

the people looking for something to boost the confidence up//

they’re probably looking for you that’s why you can not give up//

- ayokob текст песни