wake me up – b dynasty текст песни

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verse: (b dynasty)
it’s like 7:00 o’clock and i’m up here writing jotting down every line
every rhyme coming to my head quick
this the way i wake up writing raps like it’s nothing i can do it just for fun or i can do it just to save ones
not bills no i never pop pills
but the music i’m addicted no never do i trip
walk with me on this path that i fall on, you can call it field trip
don’t touch the artifacts this art is filled with facts so indeed it’s an artifact
go ahead take a peak but don’t try to leak me there’s no need
my brain’s already over-spilling cuz it’s been overheated
and the heating is refining yea you know i roll diamond but my ears ain’t pierced
and i don’t flash that jewelry
i don’t need no accessories to make me the best me
what you want more of me there’s a whole lot to see the cave us dark better bring you a flashlight
no light in this room i write in black ink kinda like a blackout
and when i write i sorta back out of this world
it’s all new world that’s revealed to me
and the reason for these songs is to help you see what i see what i be

verse 2: (b dynasty)
my mind’s wide awake every beat i eat is cake never do i need to fake
yea i like to bake
i whip the beat up set my lyric oven up to 300 cook it in the fire till it’s never do i take it out early
yea up into morning
this is my p-ssion this is my fuel this is what i do
so never do i do it just to do it i don’t like to waste things
i got books and books all filled up to the ceiling
i got a lot of words kinda like a dictionary
you can watch my whole life played out in one word so i guess it like a pictionary
if i said i’m never worried it’s because i gave it up kinda like i gave up tryna argue with my mom
i ain’t got no time to be wasting all my time on silly petty things i’d rather be writing and make my flow keep rolling kinda like it’s bowling
every pen i pick up kinda like that thing used in bowling
and now i’m rolling over time to switch the flow up and keep progressing

bridge: (b dynasty)
this is all real
this is how i feel
sometimes i feel
like i’m in a box
but i’m ready to pop
lemme pop off like i’m popcorn make a loud sound put it on sound cloud
and keep writing until my hand stops working and brain quits thinking
man i feel it feel it going away
i just gotta make it stay
i don’t know what else to say

verse 3: (b dynasty)
bring it back bring it back bring my mind take it back
this my revelation to reveal to you to reveal every little bit of me that you don’t see
yea you see i am who i say i am when i lay this track man i do it right never do i take it back
kinda like a contract
i see you staring at me
i’m all up in your eye you can call me contact
i just contact my pen when i hear the beats when i lay the vocals when i lay the melodies
yea you know i don’t sleep till i release all the music inside of me so call me insomniac
i don’t like to act like i don’t know it all
i wanna show it all to yall
take the pen take the pad you can take it all back cuz i got it up here you could never take my mind and never try to handle it
it’s like a white bronco untamed and not afraid and not even oj with one glove on could handle it
like a twitter handle this rhyme is at my mind you can find it there
there it lies
well rested so it gave me this rhyme
it seems like i’m running out of time but i’m going anyway flowing anyway cuz i can
yes i can yes i can make a change in the day
and i’m going acapella just to make sure that you know i keep the flow going like a river
i could stop now or drop 8 more bars
i ain’t tryna impress ya
i’m just tryna press all my feelings off my chest like a bench press
this the way my mind work when mind’s wide awake no need to wake me up

- b dynasty текст песни