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подождите пожалуйста...


(eeyy!)who trynna fxck with me¿i always keep a glock with me
man who still hattin’ me am all about the bag bxtch
if i get it i spend it just like a pimp
punch you straight in your face mohammed ali
you ain’t got it homie am sweet like glycerin
now let me switch the heat the up 3 thousand something degrees
am street smart trynna teach what teachers didn’t teach
how can i give up when i got a mission to complete
my name is tee and am here to make history
more like sh*gg and scooby when i pull up it’s mystery
sippin lean double cup,drop a beat i fxck it
don’t worry bout a thing and focus morе on what you got
still obsessed with music coz it’s my remеdy
been doing this for years am slowly rolling to the top
shout*out to ma n*ggas from kurara for keeping it real representing pmg my home(yeah)the place to be

- bakicamrich текст песни