00-breakstone (devilutionary) – baxoul breakstone текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

(verse 1)
oh sh-t, that’s 00-breakstone coming through the roof/
and there ain’t no telling just what he’s gonna do
will he go crazy, or can he pull through?/
if something snaps up in his, head he’ll be aiming for you!
undoubtedly, when he goes insane the whole crowd will be/
gettin’ rowdy, we
blowin’ so much loud in one place/
that the whole d-mn town should be renamed “cloud city.”
won’t stop until we burn this f-cking town down to d-u-s-t/
blast back with these bars for as many rounds as the beats allow me
leaving the club with two skeezes/
you know that they both need to find jesus
they enjoy sliding up and down on the d, so please leave us/
…alone, sick in the head but this goes to show
all of the people picking on me since i was 6 years old/
were wrong about the little white boy who could sh-t flows better than the stereotypical hip-hop folk
(so they decided to send in the double-0/
codename: breakstone, and these average joes don’t even know it
in the meantime, stone comin’ off like a poet/
so much content that “the cloud” don’t even know where to stow it.)

(verse 2)
call me narcissistic?/
y’all a bunch of dipsh-ts
leave you bleeding from your skull/
after i stab you with this dipstick
breakstone’s to quick with…these syllables/
bullets 9mil ballistic, up inside this chrome heater that’s glistenin’
under every light i’m missin’
i’m the sh-t kid/
don’t you take my word and twist it
otherwise i’ll show you with your wrist the f-cking point you did miss/do you get this? got it? good b-tch
i laugh when i hear that “hood rich”/
like i’m the thief who’s been caught for tryin’ to do my crooks switch

- baxoul breakstone текст песни