2018 our year – beam squad panton squad aj mobb текст песни

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ca ca ca ca carl carl
verse 1
eva bentley
how we look so good?
they be like how we look so good
but we ain’t hit a million
n*gga we been had the funds
you jits are my minions
i had the vision dedication
we just keep on grinding
left all the fakes and the snakes
i’m never not smiling
oh yeah i heard you talking bout me now
is it cuz i’m eva now?
cuz i’m in a beamer now?
severing all my haters now?
you see me in the screens
but you can’t even see me now
we winning in the beam
i know you see what’s going dow*dow*down!
verse 2
billy bentley
i ain’t got time for the patience
don’t got time for the paper
beam squad we’re the greatest
showing vlogs in malaga
we doing nothing for the fame
hard to make out the pain
now all things we’re not the same
i had to level up kobe shane
on a island counting fee
in a river where the breeze
nice view want a tease
moving in where the keys
at the top is where we be
keep sleeping on me
2018 is our year best believe we gon eat
verse 3
don panton
dbaby in this b*tch
yeah riding with my clique
squad going hard y’all n*ggas can’t tell me sh*t
pull up in a rover and i feel the stairs
hop out clean n*gga stylish rocking something rare
to the left i wish a n*gga dare
stick in the back
and it got a red glare!
your chick be like ooooo
where you get the gear
just fall back 2018 is our year
we mobbin we mobbin
2018 our year x4
verse 4
malinda panton
dimples elf we in this thing they call me dimples elf
you already know your girl be fresh to death
if you ain’t with the squad yo ass is getting left
clique go hard tell them boys we got next
riding heart for the ladies
shout out to mama babies
you n*ggas be fake as f*ck
looking real feel crazy
they showed me fake love knowing that they really hate me
500k in a year
damm is really our year
(be praying for these blessings god really made them appear
2018 you already know it’s our year x2)
verse 5
500k in a week
shout out to spark lee
he put gucci on my feet
and you know we going to eat
yeah you know we don’t sleep
haters don’t say a peep
y’all just want to sneak peek
y’all just want to feel the vibe
aj mob join the tribe
yeah man look alive in aruba taking dives
and you better subscribe
aj mobb on the beat
amanda please in the streets
verse 6
hold the money like it’s talking
keep it on me like a rocket
heard you n*ggas be talking and rapping getting money like a faucet
chain dripping like on boston
subscribers keep jumping
leaving you lanes in the dust like it nothing
big crib yeah i stood in
let’s go!
50bandz yeah it is nothing
push start be the b*tton
i’m flexing while they fronting
you n*ggas know how i’m bummin
we mobbin we mobbin 2018 our year

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