spineless – benny the butcher & ransom текст песни

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[intro: benny the butcher]
this sh*t only for us
(these n*ggas don’t know what none of this sh*t ’bout)
you know who you is n*gga
(you know what i have to do for this sh*t, n*gga?)

[verse 1: benny the butcher]
yo, they surprised i visit my block still
gangsta sh*t, you know how opps feel
i have you duckin’ hot sh*lls, said they rich, i cannot tell
try to put my homies on gang, it felt like i failed
i’m tryna put us on the top shelf, n*gga, and not jail
i’m the one they locked in that cell, still, i did not tell
came through feelin’ like l, the flow that rock bells
they don’t gotta give us our credit, we proud of ourselves
my daughters won’t grow up like me, we fathered ourselves
this the type of sh*t that i’m really on
forgive me for fallin’ out with friends i got too busy for
made me take the rollie off, put the richard millie on
this that respect you get when you put your city on, n*gga
and i’m countin’ all the cash i could take, y’all at the bank
i got a half a million*dollar cash stashed outta state
this for my one dawg that got a case
i christmas shop for your kids
get you a biz when you max out your date, ahh
[break: sample from the sopranos]
amazing thing about snakes is that they reproduce spontaneously
what do you mean?
they have both male and female s*x organs
that’s why somebody you don’t trust you call a snake
how can you trust a guy who can literally go f*ck themselves?
don’t you think that expression would’ve come from the adam and eve story?
when the snake tempted eve to bite the apple?
hey, snakes were f*cking themselves long before adam and eve showed up, t

[verse 2: ransom]
i’m tryna hang it up but the street’s callin’
my man, he told the plug we need drugs but he seesawin’, i’m free fallin’
keep it real brief when i draw, i call that free ballin’ (hahaha)
you ain’t got time to keep score if you’re gon’ keep scorin’ (wooo!)
older n*ggas thought i was peter barnes
i used to keep half a brick inside of a vcr (facts)
downstate, i made the biggest n*ggas just leave the yard
they wouldn’t give me sp*ce so i can shine and be a star, delete ya bars
can’t pay the plug if you broke, dawg (nah)
you’ll never be a menace in these streets if you owe, dawg
hear me out, you can’t pay attention at no cost, just clear the house
that name that you mentioned is folklore, the coke raw (wooo!)
got it out the mud (mud)
your cabinet is bare because you shoutin’ out the cubs (cubs)
you jabbin’ at the air like trey poutin’ ’bout a hub (uh huh)
watch who you love (love)
because it’ll never be a stranger to spill your blood, n*gga

- benny the butcher ransom текст песни