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Songtext von me and my old school – big krit lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

me and my old school

ride, ride, ride clean
if you, if you ride old, ride slow
candy, candy paint, slamming these doors
if you ride old, ride slow, ride old, ride slow
ride old, ride slow, slamming, slamming these doors

[verse 1]
i remember way back in the day
all i wanted was a candy car with h-lla flakes
crushing hoes, slamming doors while the ch-ssis shake
from the sub, work the juice, b-tch i want the b-ss
can’t be turning on a dime cuz the rims scr-pe
kill switches for them jackers outchea tryna take
that’s my prized possession in recession kept me straight
clear my mind then recline on the runway, from monday to sunday
just me and my old school [repeat]


[verse 2]
ain’t nothing changed, still the same country b-mpkin
m-i crooked super southern don’t be trippin’ on my rims
i’d rather sit higher than bald eagles on shoulders of giant people
if i’m gon’ ride h-ll i don’t know about them
popping my collar, rocking gators, f-ck some prada
be a scholar of this pimpin’ to the very very end
forever official like words out the scripture
off the richter, saw the future out my rear-view lens
just me and my old school [repeat]


see it ain’t just a car, it ain’t just a whip
it’s a time machine, it’s a sp-ceship, it’s precious
you gotta take your time, you can’t be rubbing on them curves
and hitting them potholes
you gotta ride clean and ride slow
me and my old school


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