123 song ii – bigantdog (raps) текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[intro: big ant dog]
so now we got the second part
we can do this sh*t (woo)

[verse 1: big ant dog]
big number just a rumble*r
just not tumbler just a summer day
two plus two ting like big shaq
just not the big pack just like a big rack
not the big wacky jacky ball sacky
sh*t rappin’ like a eminem on drugs
never takin’ bugs on the rugs like you have the slug (eyebrows)
not a feature you look like a creature
are you crying that i beat yeah
take a seat yeah stop drinkin’ the litre coke
i just woke up not a broke up like a soak up
poke you in the eye now you die
go and cry like a noob you b00b
f*ck the club up like it’s a big club
i am english dub like anime gonna sub to my channel
on my link
big word now

[verse 2: big ant dog]
just messed up like it’s dressed up like it’s mess it up
and f*ck it
sub to my channel

- bigantdog raps текст песни