.357 smoke otw – bigsmokechapo текст песни

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[verse 1: big smoke chapo]
talking all that sh*t, got his ass sh*t*bagged
big ass gun and the sh*t got kickback
play with the sh*t, i’ma shoot up your kickback
ran up in the spot like “where the d*mn bricks at?”
no white flags b*tch, you [?]
hundred shooters with me, this van can’t fit that
you ain’t really in the streets lil’ n*gga, you big cap
your b*tch on my d*ck, can’t wait to hit that
tip the purp’ in the drink, man i muf*ckin miss that
designer on me, and yeah i mismatch
two glocks on me, ’bout to push a n*gga wig back
[?] gang, yeah b*tch we whack sh*t
bodybag gang, h*ll yeah we whack sh*t
i ain’t showing no love, i ain’t giving no passes
young n*ggas break in your sh*t like they hacking
i’m a real street n*gga, yeah a n*gga just rapping

[verse 2: slimesito]
i stay 50’d up, i ain’t doing no lacking
i souped all the sticks up, so they hit with attachments
i just f*cked your b*tch ’cause she know i’m a savage
i’m trapping out mansions, i don’t do abandoneds
i hit with sticks now he’s gone off [?]
i slimed out the plug and i bought a new patek
i’m flipping that pack and it’s doing gymnastics
got doubled down sticks and one under my mattress
shoot with fn, know it got impact
i’m toting [?], came with no kickback
shot his ass up, split him like a kit*kat
shot him in the face right in front of his kickback
bodybag gang, you know we’re toting big straps
play with that money, n*ggas getting kidnapped
that’s your new b*tch, n*gga i been hit that
try to shoot at me n*gga, i’m gon’ spray back

[verse 3: bigsmokechapo]
i’m with boat shooting out the maybach
we’ve been shooting at opps n*gga, since way back
my plug still calling ’bout a d*mn payback
p*ssy ass n*gga, i don’t do no pay backs
shoot it out, big ass gl!ck gon meet with a 30 round
all my n*ggas is shooters, what you talkin’ ’bout?
.357, smoke boutta hit the p*ssy ass n*gga with a muf*cking 50 cap
smoking dead opps in the booth right now
everybody hard ’til they get gunned down
real trap n*gga, b*tch we’re having pounds
rockstar life, might jump in the crowd
got three sticks on me, guess how many rounds?
300, feeling like the spartans right now
50 gang b*tch, we the hardest right now

[verse 4: slimesito]
i still got that stick when i go out of town
i’m smoking on dead opps out the pound
i got some new birds and they finna touch down
50’d up, i hit his ass with 5 rounds
my k!llers get caught, they won’t make no sound
rsg sh*t man, your ass better get down
got a bad b*tch taking trips on the greyhound
once you get gunned down n*gga, you gon’ stay down
all of my n*ggas known for spraying rounds
that n*gga want smoke, i do him like a pound
lame ass n*gga, i ran him out the town
i got some young n*ggas gone shoot for respect
you try to run down, you get shot in your chest
i got a bad b*tch, she gon’ shoot for the set
i tote that fn, my shooter got a tec
slimed his ass out, put his ass in debt
still got the stick when i’m on the jet

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