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Songtext von the soul – bizzy bone lyrics

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“the soul”

coming to you straight from cosmos by the way of gabriel
with the grim reaper on my shoulders

i look into the soul,
the spirits are hypnotized
and i defy every rule that i know (i know, i know)
the devil want me to die
and i survive even if i’m in the cold (in the cold, in the cold)
everyone looks like my eyes (like my eyes)
i chop up the lamp the sacrifice
for my bloodline and then it’s on
i look into the soul

[verse 1:]
no daddy don’t rape me baby,
cause i was raised in the hood called what the f-ck (what the f-ck)
i left mama cause that’s the way we
i’m on the move and i groove that’s enough
i ain’t trippin on none of you
but with the thugs i can do anything we want
give me nothing i’ll better make something
cause if the angels don’t love you then i bet they love us
i gotta get my head up out the way
i gotta get my people just past the day
the first time when i see you p-ss away
the last time i’m a leave you out of the way
n-gg- if i don’t leave ya now
i’ve been runing running
i keep running running
more than you can believe me now
i keep steady steady steady (hey!)


[verse 2:]
oh daddy no popping no packing
cause i was praised in the ghetto my body erupt
everybody say get you a gatty
cause you a skinny n-gg- you gonna need you a gun
i get the flippin in f-cking them up
if lil layzie tell me shoot em i’m shootin them up
one-fity-one and i’m good and drunk
remember the words take him over i’ll f-ck him up,
i gotta get my head just out the way
i gotta get my people just past the day
the third time i’m a see you walk away
the last time i’m a leave you out the way
n-gg- if you don’t leave me now (leave me now)
i’ve been running running
i keep steady running
and if they don’t believe me now
just behead him (behead him, behead him)


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