00:05 (intro) – blackout rapper текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse one * blackout]
late night, cold outside, and i wish you pass by
that body my side, you know i could hit it up real quick
definition of dive in
drive me to the stars so i can ask god the definition of love and lost
pause, may be the scotch cuz tonight i feel lost trynna right my wrongs
you know i’m hard to break, and you love to break it
i feel defeated, i can’t relate it
you can forgive me? the things i did
causing distance ‘tween me and you
f*ckin rude n*gga, and i ain’t trynna be cool
i know a lot prolly wanna be my boo
but there’s something ‘bout you
that makes me go thousand miles and go more and a little bit more then
but still the n*gga nеver gets you
look i’m pushing you to debatе it
not trynna force you to understand it
but there’s guilt in your innocence
you know that could be fading
now you act like you don’t need me
what’s that for? now you’re jaded? ah
i supposed to act the same?
like ain’t enough shame for me
trynna to solve this
and you just looking for somebody to blame
you think this’s a game
look at me, i ain’t playing
got me awake all night (make it worth it)
cuz i’m losing my mind (you gotta solve this)
open your eyes, open your eyes the universe will describe
the power of love without a word
you’re seeing it, or you’re blind?
tell me what a time
would be enough to you to realize now
that you can go, that you can hide, that you can run
even in mars even in jupiter, even in infinite
i’ll find you

yeh yeh, yeh yeh, cuz even is hard for me to say
sorry i know that i’ve mistaken, i won’t deny ok, just le*me explain
i need you by my side
so, i don’t care ‘bout what they say
you shouldn’t care too, sorry to bother you, i know is late
five minutes after midnight!
yeh, yeh, ohh, five minutes after midnight
yeah, hum, five minutes after…

- blackout rapper текст песни