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[snipztea, yung flex, pcp, flowr, & others]
the worst sh*t i’ve ever f*ckin’ heard
all you do is yell, all you hear is a bunch of f*ckin’ base you* you* your so f*cking edgy, you prolly think you’re so cool
can’t scream, can’t mix, can’t tell that man sh*t, it don’t matter* it doesn’t matter
hey, man, f*ck that n*gga blckk his music wack as h*ll, bro. i’m really ’bout to get on this man’s sh*t* his crew is spiderman, he got the avengers as a crew* what is this sh*t?
i don’t know what the f*ck you got goin’ on, bro, but this album f*ckin’ sucks. i don’t understand, bro. i would not classify this as music, and i’m just coming to you as a friend ’cause obviously you got some sh*t goin’ on that you need to figure out and i want to let you know i’m here for you ’cause this album is f*cking garbage. get it under control, bro
the rapper blckk, man, he just comes into the studio and just can’t do sh*t. probably the worst experience i’ve had with an artist. he took that beat i made for cartel and just destroyed it. ruined the beat. all around awful artist. terrible. don’t listen, don’t work with him

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