choof choof train – bliss n eso текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

twenty six years of my life i never met her
til a van on tour where i found that very treasure
janky joints, moroccon special, carry on go forth, kingswoods, i’m puffin’ on a gabatron blowtorch

cooking up these cookies, bud is mashed into b-tter hash
took a bite and laughed then i dashed to my hovercraft
that conductor cat on a sunny day rollercoaster
feed the weed engine on my runaway locamotive
list of ben botanists speaking outta herbal stories
stargaze from lack of booze, greenhouse observatory
choofin through the hillside blowing doja wicked easy
rider escapade with a stolen golden ticket
i just lounge by the billabong, sing a song with h-lla flavour
when i hit a bong i’m going to w-lly wonkas elevator
i’ll see you later, i’m talking to mary when i’m lost in a parked car off with the faries, so

all aboard the chooof choof train
hit it left hit it right, brother use that flame (all aboard)
all aboard the choof choof train, turn it up in the speakers let the music bang (all aboard)
all aboard the choof choof train, toot toot mother f–ker mary jane’s my name (all aboard)
all aboard the choof choof train
what you smokin’ on brother?
that good sh-t man

baseball bat blunts in ya face c-nt
yeah, baseball bat blunts, mary jane’s a stripper
macca’s on the mic again rollin’ up a rizler
astronomical like the words that come out of me, blowing bongs off a burgundy balcony
it’s virtual reality, my verse is a galaxy where birds on the canopy observe my whole family
in paradise, puffin purple profanity
walshing through the worlds when burning one casually
struttin’ through the hood, like f–k it it’s all good
it’s that lumberjack macca cat cuttin’ through the woods
so on the real ain’t nothing liver than this, cause what i bring swings through on some spiderman sh-t
and when the wooden wheels turn, i arrive on a chariot
stoned insecure, high but still happy b-tch
i rhyme with the savages, blindfold the beat and sky dive with this cannabis

i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i will
i think i can, i think i can, i know i’ve got the skill
i know i can, i know i can, i know it’s gonna build
so let’s ride this locomotive through the rivers and the hills, yo


- bliss n eso текст песни