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Songtext von n-harmony – set up down here (lil ghetto boy) – bone thugs lyrics

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set up down here (lil ghetto boy)

mmm mmmm just keep grindin we can make it just keep grindin we can make it

lil ghetto boy livin in the big and gritty city you got ta get out and get it or you live no more we got n-gg-s killing for pennies and most po po wont even visit cuz it looks like war and if you really stop and think about it its got to be a setup down here i think theres a setup down here ain’t nothin but a setup down here

[wish’s verse]
n-gg-s in the pen why the crack brings more then nine to five bring it in,
like doorways, monkeys cage. come with that hustle but they take it away,
legally, mommies with no daddies workin hard. still ain’t got much. why they blame us, i was born here still gonna take to the give up, but when the good comes to bad never had gots to get it by all means moving things or the other way try to get a job but they check on my felonys over me hold me back, hit the corner grave till mornin look at a whole lil n-gg- holding them stacks, my choices are, take orders work for scr-ps. or hit up the boulevard supply my clientele work my spots life is to short take it to livining poor, pour my drinks right now, while i’m young reckless and naughty, rowdy


[krayzie’s verse]
just got released from the federal pen, i caught a case made a mistake it got me seven to ten, i’ve done eight straight years now i surfaced again i cant wait wait wait ahhh i cant wait, caught the greyhound into town now i’m back in the hood the same boys on the block still up to no good, i want ta stop but parole is tellin me don’t think i should, the streets is calling me calling me calling me calling me just look around here i thiks its a setup down here they don’t come aroung here cuz they know its a setup down here


[layzie’s verse]
this life is tricky ain’t it pictures painted tainted and distorted its like these memories all i have i recorded and recorded remember dalmina she was gorgeous not a flaw in the world but she left us and went to heaven oh precious that beautiful little girl see we can take it for granted cuz it ain’t promised never know how this life is gon be better take advantage as much as you can manage cuz if you damaged it thats all its gon be trust me moving by the lords grace tryin to keep a steady pace and i’m tryin not to catch case while these demons all up in my face call up god for heavens sake tell him that we need a break how muck longer is it gonna take please ask him not to make us wait


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