molotov – bones текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

light skin
dark thoughts
young c-cktail, blowing up, molotov
mazel tov, congratulations
round of applause
you have now made it
gold chain, silver rings and platinum records
at the top, sleeping on ya’ll b-m bettin’
with [?] rhymes, give a f-ck if you get it
but if you want bars, i can serve a life sentence
no question, therefore, i’m never askin’
“who can keep up with the kid?” in this rap sh-t
you say you got better flow, i get it, keep going, nancy
they all just pop, so all i’m seein’ is soda cans
but i don’t shake ’em
i don’t touch ’em, i keep it movin’
white kid too much, so, i keeps it [?]
so nowadays everybody loves a rapper, but, only if you get love back from the game, so ya’ll some bachelors

- bones текст песни