007 freestyle – boofpaxkmooky текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

(captin crunch presents)
yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah

leave it to me
walk with the stick in my jeans
he could get popped like a bean
she be on go for the team
don’t know what the f*ck do you mean
no, no, no, why the f*ck n*ggas need me
i’m sippin’ soda, i need lean
m in the soda, no lean
you lookin’ older
it’s gettin’ colder
these n*ggas be bolder
i’m with some odor
no this ain’t soccer, i can’t kick
i put this lil’ hood b*tch on a mission
she went away for a whilе, i ain’t miss her
new b*tch but you know i ain’t kissin’
i pull out some monеy and she gon’ start twitchin’
i went overseas, i told momma i did it
pull the glock out, a n*gga start dippin’
he so mad, why he p*ssed then?
talkin’ to god, not a christian
this ain’t gucci n*gga this christian
i got tired of wearin’ balencis’
pipe down with them f*ckin’ opinions
stripper hoes used to doin’ the dance
only see me when it’s talk about bands
you get the guap, put it in my hand
big guap that can’t fit in my pants
you want a feature, man i need an advance
pipe down, i be*
pipe down, i be turnin’ it up
i heard you got robbed, so what?
wock in the soda, put that in my cup
wock in my soda, i can’t let up
selfmade, get that sh*t from my dad
in the airport i got three bags
ooh, they can’t even see that
they can’t even see the swag
they can’t even see the bags
i hop in the gucci bag
i hop in my louie bag

- boofpaxkmooky текст песни