1 hr from austin – booney текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

1 hour 3600 seconds in distance
power overpowers my engines, i just hit the ignition
test a n**** like screenplays i just passed the audition & take my time
cause rare species be hard to find
paper bleeds true feelings when i’m searching through these lines, looking through these signs, smile like 94
them birthmarks h*lla fine, one of a few
empathetic like a cancer i can match the date
& beat the pace, 24 hours like one day away
you bring a lot to the table & i can match yo plate
give all i can offer & i just like the taste
of yo fruit, yah
they can’t do the s*** that you do, nah
ay, yah
its capital like its austin, i’m just some time away, uh
1 hour away (2)
capital like its austin, i’m just some time away
1 hour away (2)

- booney текст песни