2020 is trash (pep talk freestyle) – boostjam текст песни

подождите пожалуйста...

[verse 1: boostjam]
now we can all agree, 2020 was bad
george floyd, forest fires, and we can’t forget that
covid*19’s a pain in the glutes
and that’s facts
remember, this is the start of a decade
but, in this whole year, there were so many memories made
not good ones, but bad ones, like, oh my days
m.i.a, i might just go insane because 2020 is a whole tragedy
speaking of that, um, yeah, let’s go back, ok
[interlude: boostjam]
hold on
i just messed up, dang it

[verse 2: boostjam]
pop smoke, kobe bryant, and even gigi
the trio’s in heaven now, i hope they can see me
and then, mr. chad
now, that’s some wicked cr*p
oh, and there’s nip
like, see? why, 2020?
wait, no, that was 2019
the fact we lost this much people is actually frightening
now, we’re all on the edge of our seats, because it’s the end of the world
but not for me
wait, wait, i’m not done yet if you thought that
i don’t have a tic, but i certainly got a tac
my artist name is boostjam, by the way
oh, this verse? boostjam wrote that
my flow too ill, might give you some corona
no, not corona, i meant corona (not beer)
my pockets fat, my pockets swollen
my pockets fat, my pockets swollen
ok, actually, i’ll be honest, i’m cappin’
but i am gettin’ a ps5, yeah, yeah, that’s happening
that’s one thing ’bout [?]
[outro: boostjam
*good about 2020
oh my god, i messed this freestyle up so bad
imma just let the beat play now
have a good day


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