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Songtext von boyfriend for the night – bow wow lyrics

подождите пожалуйста...

“boyfriend for the night”

it’s mr. do it for the ladies (its greenlight 2)
it’s mr. do it for the ladie’s (i’ll will what it do) uh-huh .
it’s mr. do it for the ladies.

call your man tell’em you ain’t goin’ home tonight.
that bath & body works gotcha body smellin’ right.
panties look edible, i’ll eat threw’em.
fishnet top, i could see through it.
baby let’s do it, why we wastin’ time.
i make her get moist, when i lick her waistline.
you want a baller, well i can go base-line.
she 5+5, yep a straight dime.
she was kinda nervous, thought i was like other rappers.
the type that’ll f-ck’er, then don’t call her after.
uh-uh. that ainta my character.
can go all night, so i hope ya got stamina.
like kobe with the rock, lil’ mama, i’ll handle ya.
make ya debut, & press record on the camera.
so everybody can watch what we doin’.
toolbox love, & guess who’s screwin’.

this is cash money, so you know i got pesos.
g5 jet, i got my pilot on payroll.
beast in the sheets. grizzly like mayo.
hands over her mouth & don’t speak until i say so.
like my black card, i don’t get denied.
i whip my d-ck out, & then i handle mines.

but let’s get x-rated, talk dirty to me.
she treat my d-ck like a mic, & then she sung to me.
& i be beatin’ up her vocal cords, beat it out the frame,
scream my name until your throat is soar.

man for the night (night, night, night, night)
i can be your man for the night (night, night, night, night)

so won’t you holla at playa holla holla at playa holla at

playa holla holla girl [x2]
um um
i’ma beat the p-ssy up beat the p-ssy up [x4]
uh uh [x6]
i bet ya i can make you leave your boyfriend
with no problem

choop choop b-tches [x4]

- bow wow текст песни