12th planet – brahmastra текст песни

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the 12th planet
depleted atmosphere
you have failed king lhama

the poisoned ground
no chance of yield
you have destroyed nibiru

i am your heir
great prince alalu
future saviour of nibiru
step from your throne
hear the people
we bay for your blood

your inaction to resolve
to obtain the gold
have plunged our world to darkness
the seas have vanished
the people revolt
you are a failed king
to cast off your lies
to bathe in your blood
no monuments to you shall we build
i claim the kingship
ascend the tower
cast off the king, the ruin
i king alalu
my first royal order
redemption for the great nibiru
launch our nuclear weapons
erupt all volcanoes
return the atmospheric shield

fire towards the skies, the lava rains
the roar of the atom splitting beast
creator of the atmosphere prevails
praise my name the one king alalu

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